Meet Us!

Yasiris Hernandez- Content Translator

Yasiris is a student at SUNY Oneonta who expects to graduate in 2024 with a major in Adolescent Education. She was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. She spends time at SUNY Oneonta learning about other people’s cultures and traditions to be more mindful and respectful towards others. As a future educator, she would like to help students immerse themselves in different cultures to raise awareness of them so that students learn to appreciate diversity and respect other people’s perspectives.

A self-taken photo of Taylor standing next to a red couch in front of a mirror covered in fake leaves.

Taylor Wall – Blog Editor

Taylor is a student at SUNY Oneonta who expects to graduate in 2024 with a major in Psychology. She comes from a French and Italian background, in which half of her family resides in Canada. She strives to become more knowledgeable of the cultures that she is tied to through furthering her education on heritage and languages. In high school, Taylor was part of her school’s Spanish Honor’s Society, in which she showed great dedication to learning about different cultures and languages. 

A photo of Emily smiling in front of a blue background.

Emily Ortiz – Content Creator/Translator

Emily is an Exercise science major with a concentration in Pre-PA at SUNY Oneonta and expects to graduate in 2025. 

A photo of Shannon posing against a tree, facing to the side of the camera.

Shannon Dunne – Content Translator

Shannon is majoring in Adolescent Education with a concentration in Spanish at SUNY Oneonta, she expects to graduate in 2024. She is from Kings Park, NY, a small town on Long Island. She wants to be a teacher in the future so she can help more children become bilingual in the United States.

A photo of Jocelyn smiling in front of a brick wall, sitting behind a coffee and a container of food.

Jocelyn Perez – Content Translator

Jocelyn is dual majoring in Early Childhood/Childhood Education and Spanish at SUNY Oneonta and expects to graduate in 2024. She’s from Bedford Hills, which is located an hour outside of NYC. Although she was born in New York, her parents are both immigrants from Mexico, so working on this project is valuable to her as she grew up bilingual.

A photo of Kadidja, who is walking toward the camera in a park.

Kadidja el-Hadji – Blog Editor

Kadidja is a student at SUNY Oneonta who expects to graduate in 2024. She comes from a French background, and her story begins in Togo, where she found herself struggling to find her voice in her education. Flash forward to the present and she has found herself excelling in her education and her love of languages. Kadidja earned an outstanding award in her English Capstone in high school and served as a community ambassador for her internship “Learn, Eat, Grow”. She has shown great dedication, excitement, and patience when it comes to learning languages, and she continues to try to broaden her knowledge of international studies while continuing to stay in touch with her French heritage. 

A photo of Nanlyett in her cap and gown at graduation, holding her diploma.

Nanlyett Yulfo Matos – Blog Editor

Nanlyett is a student at SUNY Oneonta who graduated in 2021. She is a first generation immigrant who was born and raised in Puerto Rico. She spends much of her time at SUNY Oneonta dedicating herself to continuing knowledge about her bilingualism and her heritage. 

Dr. Maria Montoya – Blog Supervisor

Dr. M.C. Montoya has been residing in the U.S. since 1993. She studied English as a second language at Bergen Community College, completed her Master’s degree from the Teacher’s College Columbia University, and graduated with her Doctoral degree in Hispanic Linguistics from the University of Albany in 2011. She has been teaching at SUNY Oneonta since 2000. Professor Montoya is the author of the book that started this project: “Mi vida en los Estados Unidos, jovenes de herencia hispanohablante escriben sus experiencias,” and has won two awards – most inspirational non-fiction (first place), and best autobiography (second place) from Latino Literacy Now’s International Latino Book Award.