We must be sighted humans and not blind monsters 

Human beings are complex, harmful in many cases; we destroy the beauty that Mother Earth gives us. Nature is something so beautiful and ironically for the human being it represents a threat, an inconvenience to our comfort. We focus so much on our own “human beauty” that we sacrifice anything to see ourselves as the most beautiful thing in this world; We become materialistic and superficial and wipe out the life that the planet gives us. However, the trees keep growing, the leaves keep falling, the forest animals keep living. Although the life of the forest communities does not know it, they are dying more and more every day and it is our fault. We are killers of life found in the smallest places and the greatest threat on the entire planet.  

I am human and I do not say it with pride. Because of me, nature dies. Because of me, animals’ homes are being destroyed. Because of me, flowers do not grow. Because of me, the ice at the North Pole is melting. Sure, I have not done it directly, but I also do not do anything to stop my selfish actions. I could have done more to help nature survive the circumstances of our actions.  

Walking through the woods with my classmates, my academic community, I discovered that there is more life in our forests than I had thought. Everywhere there was hidden life: in the leaves, behind a tree or under a fungus. Just because we do not see this life, does not mean it does not exist. It is obvious that blindness is our problem. We think that all the life we see before our eyes in an obvious way is the only valid one, and we ignore all life that remains hidden and is part of the natural balance, but we live without perceiving it. We are very self-centered and that makes us killers of life in the depths of the planet. Perhaps it is not our intention, but they are the consequences of our actions and as human beings, we must find, see with wide eyes the communities that live with us humans, we must help survival and coexistence. We must be seer humans, not blind monsters.  

Ana- Fall 2022

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