I’m Your Life

I am your life on Earth  

I am the environment, so beautiful and pure. 

I am life, but they want to kill me. 

I take care of my sons and daughters, even if they don’t take care of me. 

I help them breathe, but they just drown me.  

I give them the beauty of flowers and landscapes, only for them to destroy.  

I ask them to take good care of me, but they only take advantage of me. 

I have given them beautiful animals, only for them to kill in abundance.  

I look beautiful to them, but they want to tear me down. 

I have given them many warnings, but they have thrown them out the window. 

Warnings became threats and then their realities. 

for desiring to drown me, I have warmed up their world.  

For destroying my flowers and landscapes, I don’t give them anymore. 

For killing my animals, I have hidden them, so that they cannot appreciate their beauty. 

They want to change how I was treated, but it’s too late. 

I seemed beautiful to them, now I look ugly. 

I was their life, now I am their death. 

Kevin- Fall 2022

Climate Action

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