People say things happen for a reason 

But why do we have to be poor? 

I am a kind-hearted person 

It must be the fault of our President and his mistakes. 

There is war without reason 

Politics is corrupted by its constituents 

and with many disastrous climates 

The community is becoming very dangerous 

People get very nervous 

People get jealous 

Our city is overlooked 

And with the lack of education, they silence us 

Let me tell you what it’s like to live in poverty. 

I wake up to the noise of my stomach 

sleeping on the basement floor 

The sun is starting to rise 

There are many tasks to accomplish  

We work day and night to survive  

Just to eat a piece of bread that we have to share 

I’m tired of suffering  

I just want a safe house 

A place to eat, bathe, and sleep 

With a pure water tap 

A heated place 

and maybe with my own room 

hoping to get an education, 

But I can only dream 

and become a star and shine 

They call us “dreamers” 

We never tire of fighting 

There’s always a way 

We just have to keep going 

We have to remove the ruler 

You have to train a watchman 

People are very distant 

We have to form a dominant community 

With many people we can achieve giant goals 

United we can do something meaningful 

Not impossible for immigrants 

We have to move forward. 

Carlos- Fall 2022

SDG 1- No poverty

All rights reserved SDG Resources for Educators – No Poverty (unesco.org)

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