My best friend Roy Song 

My best friend, Roy Song, was very important in my life, but he is no longer with us.  I met Roy when I was six years old. We were in the same class in third grade. Roy was comical, kind, intelligent, and responsible; he would always light up the room wherever he went. Physically Roy was skinny, muscular, tall, and fast. Roy was also a student; he was studying business at Binghamton University. He enjoyed hanging out with his family and friends, dancing at night, fishing, exercising, and much more.  

Roy was born on February 3rd, 2000, and died in a car accident in the early morning of  July 3rd, 2021. Roy lived in the town of Ossining in Westchester, New York, where he lived with his parents, siblings, and grandmother. Roy cared about many things, but two things that were significant to Roy were his family and the business shares he had. Roy also liked traveling; he traveled to Korea, Florida, and North Carolina. Roy loved to visit me, and I loved visiting Roy because it was always a fun time when I saw him. Roy was well known; he had many friends and a large family with six aunts and two uncles.  

He loved drinking coffee. When we were in high school, he would always have a cup of coffee in the morning before class. Roy also loved watching movies in the theater and I used to go with him. I’ll never forget when I went with Roy to see the Spider-Man movie. We waited four months to see the movie. Another thing I used to enjoy doing with Roy was shopping. We would always go to a mall in Monroe, New York, called Woodbury Commons. Roy also loved to eat; he ate everything and never gained weight. When we were in our village, we would always go to a place where they have the best breakfast called Southside Deli, which is very famous in Ossining. I will never forget my friend Roy he is in my heart forever. Since July 3rd, 2021, Roy is missing in my life, it is an emotion that I can not describe. I remember him every day, I like to take a little time in the day to pray, and I usually think about him. My parents also help me because now that I’m in college, I can’t go to the cemetery to visit Roy, so my parents go for me and put flowers in my name. If Roy could listen to me once again I would tell him that I love him very much and that he is more than my friend, he is my brother forever and he protects me every day. He will always be my “Senior Blue.”  

It’s a pity when young people leave our side, the memory of his friend keeps him alive. 

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