My aunt Tania

My maternal aunt was very important to me. Her name was Tania Josefina Rodríguez. Tania was a cheerful, kind, and lovely woman. She was a family-oriented person; it was vital for her to keep her family together.  

Tania had two children with whom she instilled essential values. She taught them to be respectful, kind men and to protect their own. They had a powerful bond with their mother, although they did not live with her for certain circumstances. During her departure they suffered greatly. When she died, my cousins felt that part of them had departed with her. Despite everything, my cousins believe that she takes care of them from heave, and as long as they are alive, she will be too because her story will be told and her memories will be kept alive.  

My aunt was murdered by her ex-partner nine years ago. Her death marked us all because she radiated a lot of joy in our family. She always made everyone feel welcome and tried to be present at important moments.  

My aunt had a good relationship with all her nephews and nieces. I remember that since we lived in the city and part of our family lived in the countryside, I accompanied her every weekend to visit them. I loved spending time with her. I slept over at her house from time to time. She was delighful and since I was her youngest niece, she always spoiled me.  

I know she’s in heaven taking care of us and ensuring we’re safe. She will never be forgotten.   

We would like to remember her by calling for action and attention to the femicide in our Latino societies.  

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