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This blog is an Open Pedagogy Resource compound of authentic material and inspired by the original work “Mi vida en los Estados Unidos”, written by SUNY-Oneonta students. 

We, at SUNY-Oneonta, aim to educate students about their heritage and bilingualism, as well as give them opportunities to thrive in their education. The website is expanding its outreach to language educators, school leaders, and people that recognize multilingualism and multiculturalism as an asset for mutual understanding, sustainable actions, and healthy communities. 

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The State University of New York at Oneonta Foundation provides opportunities to the college through donations and grants to provide a greater quality of education. These grants and donations go toward scholarships, research opportunities, and a variety of other services that help students and faculty reach their full potential. Donations to the college foundation greatly impact students’ success rates and the quality of education, including the heritage language scholarship this project supports.

Book of Bilingual


The award-winning book of bilingual narratives that started this project is available for purchase on Amazon. All proceeds go toward the Heritage Language scholarship!

The book is in Spanish and is full of stories of previous students who share their experiences about being bilingual and growing up as a minority group in the U.S. By supporting this book, you can help provide opportunities for more students to have access to this scholarship!

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We must be sighted humans and not blind monsters 

Human beings are complex, harmful in many cases; we destroy the beauty that Mother Earth gives us. Nature is something so beautiful and ironically for the human being it represents a threat, an inconvenience to our comfort. We focus so much on our own “human beauty” that we sacrifice anything to see ourselves as the…

Raising awareness about community life on our planet 

We live in a beautiful place called “Earth.” We have incredible landscapes of beautiful geographies with resources we believe are infinite. The engine of all that nature is natural communities.   Community is an important aspect of our daily lives. We rely heavily on these social associations. Some examples of communities are our families, friends, neighborhoods,…


When I was a kid, my parents raised my siblings and me speaking to us in Spanish. Because of that, I remember that when I was just about to start elementary school, I had to take an exam so that the teachers knew the level of English I had. I don’t know how difficult it…

“Language is the roadmap of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going”.

Rita Mae Brown


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